Classical guitarist Raúl Rolón started taking guitar and musical theory lessons at the age of 9, and finished them in a record time. After culminating with honors all levels of study available in his country at that time, he auditioned and was admitted in many universities in the U.S.A. and in Europe. He chose Mozarteum University, where he got a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar. He is currently enrolled in the Master’s Program in the select master class of Eliot Fisk.

Raúl Rolón has played solo in numerous concert halls in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Germany and Austria. He has given several presentations with chamber formations (trio and quartet of guitar, oboe, traverse flute, violin, and piano). Award-winning in contests as a soloist and in a chamber ensemble, Raúl has also played first guitar in a select baroque orchestra during the concert cycle at Mozarteum.

Among his many hobbies, he enjoys being a tango guitarist with several groups in Salzburg.




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